Dear Deepest Ghost is the second book of poetry by Meg Smith, a writer living in Lowell, Mass.

In his foreword, writer and illustrator Jeffrey Thomas says: “Dear Deepest Ghost” is the second book of poetry by writer, journalist and dancer Meg Smith. This book includes poems that have appeared in numerous literary, science fiction, horror, and gothic publications, and more.

These poems reflect themes of love, loss, loneliness, revelations, folklore, a relationship with the natural world, and the people, places and events that touch the writer’s invitation, brightly and darkly.

In his foreword, Jeffrey Thomas, author of the Punktown series, says, “Her poems often reference the sea, but also the cosmos, both of which dwarf us – putting our tiny, fragile lives into a humbling perspective, at the same time that the sea and cosmos serve her as metaphors for the interior life of thought and feeling.”